The 3 required apps for a successful trip

Ioverlander is a data base that gathers all the campsites (informal, official or wild) all over the world. All the activities, the restaurants, the garages, the petrol stations, where you can find water and a lot more are made as an inventory in this app. For each place, the app gives the GPS position, pictures, opinions and all the information about that place. Not only can you find pretty spots, but you can also add new ones, save your journey, share it with friends or other travelers. And the icing on the cake: once downloaded, this app can be used offline.

Map Costa Rider Campervan:

In the “Map” tab on our website, we have created an interactive map allowing oneself to plan his trip according to his desire. Thanks to its 11 options (surfing, activities, national parks, caves…), you’ll be able to build your own holiday program. By clicking on each point, you’ll obtain all the information about that place.


Waze is an GPS navigation app, which has the particularity of being based on a map that is editable by its users. Navigation is live and takes into account the traffic state. This is a must-have tool in Costa Rica to get a precise estimation for your ride in real time. This app is to be only used online.

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