Pura Vida from Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a natural marvel, with many volcanoes, natural parks, countless species of animals and a lot more!
There is a phrase which sums up this country and its natural lifestyle: PURA VIDA!!

You will hear that expression a lot, in different circumstances:

To say “Hey” or “Bye”, to thank oneself, after a good meal, when you ask somebody how he is doing, or how his day has been…etc.
“Pura Vida” sums up the lifestyle and the mind of the “Ticos” (Costa Rica’s inhabitants). It basically means that life is good, that it runs its course, that everything is going well. A mix of happiness and nonchalance that proves that living in this marvelous country, even for a few weeks of vacation, leaves no place for any worries or headaches. Just chill out and relax!

Pura Vida should actually be the keyword for all your holidays. And for Costa Rican holidays , Costa Rider Campervan and 4×4 allows you to perfectly understand what it means. Indeed, with our camper vans and 4X4 , there is no stress to have regarding the hotels’ locations, no “oh we absolutely have to be in that city before the night to sleep there”, you can stop wherever you want for 1 hour, a night, a day, just act in accordance with your yen: That is Costa Rica Pura Vida!

That is the same for the meals: if you’re crossing an area where there is no restaurants, just stop beside a lovely river, or on a beach, and prepare your own meal, without any stress. This time saved, and that energy that will not be consumed into stress, you will be able to use it in a better way: hiking, surfing, going out to see animals, meeting some Ticos…
Everything will be fine, it’s Pura Vida in Costa Rica!

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