Our camper van and 4×4 fits all your travel needs

After spending hours dreaming and working on your trip to Costa Rica, you may ask yourself if the camper van and 4×4 will be the appropriate vehicle for the trip of a lifetime!
Every kind of information can be found on the Net, it’s hard to sort out this mass of information. Is a 4×4 absolutely required? Is camping dangerous? Will we be able to go everywhere in the country? Will we suffer from the heat?

This article aims at answering all your interrogations.
The vehicles we use is the Hyundai H1 minibus. Very common in Costa Rica because of their reliability and their comfort, they are frequently used as school buses, as they can hold up to 12 people.
On the contrary to the classic bus which can’t go anywhere because of its big size, the minibus is able to weave in and out every steep path safely. Its flexibility and sturdiness allows it to adapt itself to every kind of road that you’ll face in Costa Rica, even during the wet season. Its Turbo Diesel engine allows it to face every steep slope calmly, and guarantees a low fuel consumption.

The modifications that we make to the van make it less heavy, which increases its power and makes its fuel consumption even lower. Moreover, we equip our vans with 8-ply tires for a better resistance and a better adhesion to the road, even on the chaotic tracks.

Our camper vans and 4×4 have crossed the country on every road for 4 years now. They have proven themselves by crossing Corcovado’s rivers, climbing Monteverde’s mountain tracks, and being driven on the sand of Guanacaste’s beaches.
The fact that it is very popular on the Costa Rican market is a good quality guarantee for our vehicles. With family or friends, Costa Ricans are often the first ones to load the cooler and the tent and go for a camping weekend on the beach. With family or friends, Costa Ricans are often the first ones to load the cooler and the tent and go for a camping weekend on the beach.

With our camper vans and 4×4, you will for sure arouse people’s curiosity and sympathy from all the “Ticos” (inhabitants of Costa Rica) you’ll meet. In order to provide you the safest experience, we chose an indoor bedding. Moreover, we equipped our vans with a safety box, which is fixed on the chassis, so that you can put all your personal effects.
Thanks to its fan, and cooling system, it’s impossible that you suffer from heat. Moreover, its flexibility will allow you to park under a tree’s shade or in the front row on the beach, to enjoy the sea breeze.

Despite the fact that Costa Rica is a safe country and a country that tries to provide as much wellness as it can for the tourists, it happens that some ill-intentioned people decide to target the tourist’s cars. With our vans, you won’t be affected because they are mainly used by the Ticos. The mainly targeted vehicles are the suzuki Jimny and the Daihatsu Beguo, because they are known to be highly rented by tourists.

Our 4-years’ experience has confirmed that the camper van and 4X4 is a safe mean of transport and that it brings a lot of human meetings. But let’s keep in mind the biggest advantage: FREEDOM. Freedom to move wherever you want, freedom to park in places, each as stunning as the next, freedom to build your own trip, without any concern.

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