All-inclusive Costa Rica with your Campervan!

With your Campervan, make the most of Costa Rica, for the same price of a 4×4, but in an all-inclusive package!

For less than 100$ per day, get not only a transport, which means complete freedom of movement, without any constraints due to the bus timetable or due to where it would pick you up, but get also a place to live and to sleep during all your stay in Costa Rica.

Once Again, it will allow you to be free to stop and to park the Campervan wherever you want, without having to look for hotels or campsites for the night (you can stop in every parking lot for the night in Costa Rica: Pura Vida!). Everything is included for this price: the Campervan with all its outfitting for the everyday life: all the crockery, the portable stove given with several gas bottles and a shower system. The two mandatory insurances to be able to drive in Costa Rica are also included.

Last but not least, Costa Rider Campervan provides a full assistance 24/7 in case of any problem, a map of Costa Rica and a guide explaining in detail the best places and activities you have to go and to experiment in the country!
Now, it’s your job to make the most of this amazing country, of its volcanoes, and of the Pura Vida with your Campervan!

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