Your questions, Our answers

The Reservation

Reservations can be made directly on the website or by contacting us. A deposit of 20% of the total amount is required when booking a van. The remaining amount (80%) is to be paid once on the spot when picking up the rental vehicle. It can be paid by credit card, debit card or cash (US$ or colones). Due to the high demand, we suggest you book as soon as possible.
Several options are available: Paypal transfer, credit card, debit card, cash, or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoin).
Once the reservation is made, you will receive an email containing the rider's guide with its good tips as well as the steps to follow to get to our agency. All you have to do is to take an official cab at the airport exit and show him the document. We will pay the fare once you arrive at our office.
In case of cancellation please contact us a maximum of 3 weeks before your departure to get the total refund of your deposit. If you cancel within 3 weeks of your departure, you can use your deposit for a future reservation (subject to availability).
For any reservation with Costa Rider Campervan, you will need to provide your passport, your country's driver's license (you do not need an international license), and a credit or debit card.
The amount of the deposit is $1200. It will not be withdrawn from your account, only frozen. It will be taken on the day of the pick-up of the rental van and will be returned to you upon your return. You can pay the deposit with your credit or your debit card.
The minimum age to drive a Costa Rider Campervan is 21 years old.
Costa Rider Campervan rentals are for a minimum of 7 days.
Departures are from 9 am on the first day of rental and return before 12 pm on the last day. We are open 7 days a week, all year round. After 2 hours of delay, we will charge the customer an extra day. If you wish to extend your rental, please contact us as soon as possible to check availability.
In the event of a parking ticket, the amount corresponding to the ticket will be deducted from the security deposit on the day the ticket is received. Please inform us of the ticket on your return.
In case of an accident, do not move the vehicle, even if it is in the way of traffic, and call us. We will contact the insurer and the police so that they can establish the accident report. If you move your vehicle, you will automatically be responsible. Costa Rider Campervan provides 24-hour assistance.

Where to sleep?

You can park the Campervan anywhere in Costa Rica. Wild camping is allowed and strongly recommended to enjoy the freedom that this means of transportation offers. Many free parking lots are available by the sea or near the volcanoes. Also, you will be able to park at campsites located everywhere for a low cost. All campsites and bivouacs in Costa Rica are listed on this application on
Costa Rica is a country with a very low crime rate. In order to provide maximum security, Costa Rider Campervan has equipped its vehicles with closed storage, tinted windows, and a safe for personal documents. The model of our vehicles is very common in Costa Rica, you will blend in. In addition, we offer the possibility of keeping suitcases or valuables at our office.
You can go anywhere in Costa Rica. Be careful though, because some roads are difficult to access by car, especially during the rainy season. We will show you the most suitable routes for your trip. It is not possible to cross borders with a rental car.
You can refill the water tanks at any gas station for free.
You will find toilets in campsites, gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants, and the countryside.
It is not possible to cross land borders with a rental car in Costa Rica.
Our opening hours are from 9 am to 6 pm. We advise all our clients to arrive at night (after 6 pm) to spend the first night in a hotel close to the airport to rest from the trip and pick up the campervan the next morning.
We drive on the right side of the road in Costa Rica. More detailed information regarding the rules of the road will be provided in the rider's manual for each vehicle.


Covers damage to the rental vehicle following an accident for 60% of the cost (the remaining 40% will be your responsibility): $11.5/day
Covers third-party damages in case of an accident up to 60% of the costs (the remaining 40% will be your responsibility). (12.5$/day)
Redemption of the deductible (40%) of the TPI insurance, 100% coverage for third parties: (12$/day)
Covers 100% of the vehicle and third-party expenses. Also covers 100% of expenses in case of theft ($18/day)

Once on site

Yes, we will show you in detail how the van works. Also, we will give you all our advice and will answer your questions.
Absolutely, when you come back, please return the campervan without any garbage and in the same state as you got it. Also, the rental vehicles come with a full tank of gas, please return them full.
We ask our clients to return the kitchen utensils clean. For sheets and blankets, we will do the cleaning ourselves.