What is Búhoguide?

Búhoguide is a collaborative platform that brings together travelers in search for unique activities and local guides from Central America who, precisely, wish to offer organize these activities. Presented to you as a user-friendly website (¡qué chiva!), it allows you, from now on, to book and pay online unusual activities. 

No inspiration?

A hole in your itinerary? Búhoguide is just for you! : Depending on your means of transportation, you can look for activities according to you pre-established itinerary or make up a customized activity with a specific topic! Our different categories (countries and activities) will help you find quickly the experience you’re interested in having. Besides, our interactive map allows you to instantly find the location of the proposed activities o adjust them to your itinerary!

A country is more than the sum of its landscapes, the principal idea is to promote human contact and bring to light the locals! In our community of “Búhoguiders”, you will find professional guides as well as passionate students and retired grandmas… Al lof this to offer you, a curious visitant in search of authenticity, an opportunity of beautiful encounters through a vast series of activities!

Why “Búhoguide”?

Why on earth did we pick the owl as a mascot to represent our philosophy? 
Among the various symbologies the owl has had in many civilizations, there are two that we specially like: the owl, for its capacity to see in the dark, represents the ability to see what others can’t, like those who see more than masks and appearances! Besides, the owl is associated with an essential traveler trait: curiosity for the unknown! 

Still not seeing the connection?

Well, our objective is that the visitors of Central America can beyond the pre-established paths to the famous touristic sites and, thanks to the local guides, can get to the cultural heart of the country that welcomes them. This, promoting the authenticity of the proposed acivities and the richness of the cultural exchanges!

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