Tickets for Costa Rica

You want to go to Costa Rica, cross the country at the wheel of one of our campervans, you have your dates of travel, or not yet elsewhere and you start wondering how to find the best price of tickets plane to reach this destination of dreams. As soon as you have made sure you have a valid passport for the dates you have selected for your trip, I will give you some tips for getting the best rates for Costa Rica.

The price of airline tickets to Costa Rica!

The price of airline tickets to Costa Rica may experience price differences ranging from single to triple depending on the companies, dates, websites or selected travel agencies. After talking with many travelers in Costa Rica, I quickly realized that going through a travel agency to get your plane ticket to Costa Rica resulted in a significant price increase, that is why I advise you to go through the websites. Indeed, today the offer on the internet to travel is very important, there are specialized sites in comparing ticket prices to help you to find the best price.

The season you choose for your trip also has a big impact on your ticket. It is good to know that Costa Rica’s “high” tourist season starts in November and ends between the months of March and April and it is during this period that your tickets will be the most expensive. The months of July and August are the most expensive months, for the travelers from Europe of the “base” season as they correspond to the European school holidays. Although there are two “seasons” Costa Rica reveals its charms throughout the year and is to discover whatever the season.

Now let’s talk about the different possible flights to Costa Rica from France. You will not be able to reach Costa Rica in less than 11:30 of a journey that corresponds to a direct flight to Paris San José. So, with or without stopover? Some flights offer one, two or three stops to reach Costa Rica, I advise you not to exceed a stopover for your trip, at the risk of not having the cheapest ticket offered but it will save you from tiredness, the stress of missing one of the connections and especially it will give you a few hours more in Costa Rica to enjoy the country. The most common stops are in Europe or the United States. I strongly advise you not to stop in the US because it will require you to recover and re-register all your luggage, you will also need to pay the ESTA to be able to set foot in US.

A fairly common flight will make you stop over in Spain, it is a good alternative to a direct flight, correspondence and easily achievable, and is not too long you can leave from different places in France as Marseille, Paris or Nantes, while a direct flight requires you to go to Paris, and this flight is usually cheaper than a direct flight.

Finally, there is one last question: an additional guarantee for my trip is it necessary? I recommend you for 30 euros additional to take out a guarantee for your trip which will allow you to cancel your trip in case of unforeseen, it will allow you to be repatriated in case of health problem (not negligible considering the price of hospitals in Costa Rica) and finally cover your luggage in case of loss.

Are your tickets booked? We are waiting for you next to the airport for the beginning of your trip in total freedom aboard one of our fully equipped vehicles.

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