Papers, vaccines for Costa Rica

You are wondering what would be your next perfect travel destination, you want exotic landscapes, to meet incredible people while staying in a safe country, so look no further: Costa Rica is made for you. But Costa Rica is far from your home and you say that the procedures and papers needed to come are really hard to get. This article will show you the opposite.

Papers, vaccines for Costa Rica: we tell you everything!

Costa Rica is no exception to other countries outside the Schengen area concerning the paperwork for entry. To have the chance to travel the roads of this small paradise of Central America you will need a valid passport and it has to be valid until six months after the end of your trip. If you are going on a trip of less than 90 days, the country will give you a provisional visa upon your arrival which will be a simple stamp on your passport. Customs officers may ask you for proof of your exit from the territory within 90 days, such as a plane ticket. It is important to know that the passport is mandatory regardless of the age of the traveler, this means that even a young child must have his own passport.

As part of a longer trip, the steps to follow are longer and more complicated, you will need to get a student visa or work visa. To have all the necessary information I advise you to address directly to the Costa Rica embassy which will give you all the information necessary for you to realize your project. If your stay between 3 and 6 months it is also possible to renew your visa of 90 days leaving the country at the half of your trip, some companies allow you to cross the Panamanian or Nicaraguan border in one, two or three days for this purpose.

Would you like to discover Costa Rica aboard one of our fully equipped campervans? I have good news for you, driving in Costa Rica is possible with the simple possession of your national license. It is therefore it is not necessary to take steps to obtain an international license.

Despite the fact that Costa Rica is a safe country, it is better to protect your papers in a particular bag which you will always keep on you to put your papers in a safe place. If you decide to hit the road with one of our vehicles, your papers can be sheltered throughout your trip because each of our vans and 4×4 are equipped with a safe to protect your belongings.

I finish this article by making a small point about vaccines. Although the country is in tropical zone there is no compulsory vaccine to visit Costa Rica. It is still advisable to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B as well as against typhoid fever as part of an extended trip to Costa Rica.

Nothing complicated, is it? So, do not hesitate, discover the Costa Rican Pura Vida and travel the country’s roads aboard one of our campervans.

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