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Like any other touristic country, security in Costa Rica has become a priority.
But how is it concretely on site? Many travelling forums about Costa Rica will share their diverse experiences. The “Ticos” are well known for their kindness and great sense of hospitality, these are the main specific characteristics of them that you will notice as soon as you arrive in Costa Rica. However, being too confident sometimes make you to forget some basic rules.
As for the car renters it could be leaving a camera, GPS, computer or any other valuable object on the front seats, or leaving the car open “just a minute”. These are the main reasons of stealing in Costa Rica.

Their plan is always the same, the cars as Suzuki Jimny or Daihatsu are well known from the thieves since they are used by 90% of tourists.
They wait for the tourist to enter the hotel or stop by on the beach and then quickly open the door and grab the first bag they can catch. No aggression nor damage, however valuable loss.

Car rental agencies like Alamo, Hertz or others decided to remove the parcel shelves of the cars in order to dissuade thieves from breaking the windows if there are no bags in the trunk. This solution can be a good or bad option, because if you ever leave your bags in the car then anybody can see it…

In almost 6 months of experience, we have had NO theft on our Camper vans and 4×4 (motorhome).
Since the rental of camper vans/ RV (motorhome) and 4×4 is not very developed in the country, we decided to do big investments on security:
– Our vehicles are normally used in Costa Rica as public or student transportation, so you won’t get any attention as you will look “tico”.

  • Tinted windows do not allow to see what’s inside the vehicle. In addition to the safe that is sealed to the chassis of the vehicle, our two storage lockers our locked with keys.
  • No advertisements on the vehicles.
  • Since we are the only ones to propose this type of car rental in Costa Rica, you will attract more curious people than thieves. A good way to make new connections.


To sum up, if you respect the same rules as in your country, nothing more will occur. Costa Rica is one of the safest countries of south America, and the ticos, very friendly will also always be very helpful.


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