The cost of living on Costa Rica

Find out how much the cost of living in Costa Rica is. And adapt your trip to your means to spend good times without unpleasant surprises. Costa Rica is a country open to tourism, and a large part of its economy is centered on it. Shops and activities benefit local populations as well as visitors. Indeed, visitors will be able to benefit from a wide range of options for their activities. For what it is about the cost of living in Costa Rica, will depend, to a large extent, on the consumption habits and lifestyles of everyone. What is safe, is the low price of 4×4 rentals in Costa Rica.

Brief introspection on your possible expenses in Costa Rica

Whether for a short stay or for a long period of time, the daily expenses will be less heavy in Costa Rica than in Europe. For example, you can easily live on 45 dollars a day, without feeling restricted in your activities.

The Food

In Costa Rica, as in all countries that have made tourism a priority, consuming local will cost you less. Consuming locally and adapting to the customs and traditions of Costa Rica will cost you about 25% less than in developed countries like France or England. Everything related to food is a necessity, so it’s a major spending area.


Generally housing is not expensive, don’t worry about that. There is something for every taste. The market prices are within the reach of all moneybox compared to those practiced in Europe and developed countries.


Transport, in general, is quite affordable in the country, especially when you compared it to the prices and rates in Europe. Public transport is relatively cheaper and won’t wreck your overall day-to-day budget. If you feel comfortable driving on roads that are not always paved, you can use the rental of a 4×4 in Costa Rica for an Off-Road.

Methods of payment accepted

The official currency of Costa Rica is the Colon (CRC) and it is used for all kinds of commercial transactions in Costa Rica. However, it is possible to make your purchases and payments in USD dollars. Dollars are accepted in practically all shops and establishments in the country, but the change returned will be in Colones. For citizens of the eurozone, exchanging your bills is also possible. But this exchange of currency will have to be done in the big banks of the country like the Banco Nacional or the Banco de Costa Rica.

Phone and internet

Talking about travel without talking about the internet becomes almost impossible, even unimaginable. In most of the country, you’ll have access to a good internet connection. Maybe a little less in remote villages.
If you have the option of roaming, you will be able to use your internet plan in Costa Rica, without worries. You need to contact your telephone operator to see the rates and availability of the service.
Otherwise, you’ll find Wi-fi connections in almost every restaurant and coffee shop in the country.

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