Weather in Costa Rica

Do you want to discover Costa Rica, its many natural and cultural resources? I would like to inform you about the Costa Rican climate before you take your plane tickets, so that you will be able to make most of your trip with our camper vans and 4×4.

The country is in a tropical zone, but its climate is not the same everywhere. It is very changeable depending on the regions or the seasons. According to some scientists, we can find in Costa Rica nearly 150 different microclimates, and our vehicles are adapted to those. Despite the diversity of weather in Costa Rica, we can remember two great ideas:
• The climate is tropical, which means that the temperature rarely drops below 68°F (20°C) and is quite humid.
• There are two main seasons, a rainy season from May to November and a dry season from December to April. July-August are also known as “small summer”, the equivalent of the Indian summer.

Regions and their climates

The Caribbean coast

Undoubtedly, the Caribbean coast is the wettest region of Costa Rica, the dry season does not really exist in this region of the country. Despite the fairly high humidity on this coast, the temperatures are quite mild and can even exceed 95°F (35°C) during the summer. Many places are ideal for parking the van and enjoying uninterrupted views of the Caribbean Sea such as Cahuita or Puerto Viejo.

Central Valley, San Jose Area

The inhabitants of Costa Rica have an expression to characterize the climate of this region: “the perpetual spring”. Indeed, the centre of the country and the capital know a microclimate which allows the region to enjoy a temperature oscillating between 68°F and 77°F (20°C and 25°C) all year long. Between the two coasts of the country, our vans will allow you to climb on the heights of some volcanoes like the Poas to make the most of Costa Rica’s interior treasures. The evenings may seem a little cooler than in the rest of the country, the months of September and October are the rainiest, otherwise this region benefits from a rather pleasant weather.

The Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula

The province of Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula are the two regions which are the most affected by aridity during the dry season. Moreover, temperatures are very high during this season and rise easily around 95°F (35°C). Despite this aridity, the region is crossed by many rivers and it is sometimes difficult to travel thanks to public transport. Rent a camper van and 4X4 is a real advantage to discover this beautiful region of the country.
During the rainy season, these areas can be affected by heavy showers that revive the flora and allow it to become green again for the enjoyment of nature lovers.

The Pacific coast, Puntarenas

South of Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula, the Pacific coast hardly suffers from aridity during the dry season and remains green almost all year round. The wonderful and natural landscapes give an idyllic setting to park your camper van and 4X4 for a few nights. The rain can hit hard on some areas of the coast like the jungle in Corcovado Park.

In a conclusion, Costa Rica houses many different climates. September and October are the rainiest months of the year and the months from December to April are the sunniest. Each season has its particularity and its intrinsic beauty. Thanks to our rental camper vans 4×4 you can go anywhere, whatever the season.

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