National parks in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known worldwide for its numerous national parks, making it one of the top tourist
destinations for nature and biodiversity lovers.
Here is a list of the main parks in the country.

THE CORCOVADO National park

What better way to start than with what is the symbol of the wilderness park par excellence: Corcovado. With its 450 km2, it is one of the largest reserves in Costa Rica and represents 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity. You can be in total immersion in the territory of almost 10,000 species of insects and 140 species of mammals, all in dense and rich vegetation.
Please note that the visit is exclusively on foot and accompanied by a guide.
Are you a nature and animal lover? This is the place for you!

RINCON DE LA VIEJA National park

Let’s stay on the Pacific side but go to the north of the country.
This national park is home to one of the country’s many volcanoes: the Rincón de la Vieja.
Throughout its 14,083 hectares, you can go on long hikes in the various sectors of the park, but also take paths leading to the bubbling mud pools or those leading to magnificent waterfalls.
This is one of the few national parks that need reservations for visiting. Only from Tuesday to Sunday from 7 am to 4 pm.

THE ARENAL National park

The Parque Arenal is one of the most visited places in Costa Rica. Located at the foot of the famous and typical Arenal volcano. You will find many trails that allow you to observe a variety of fauna and flora as well as the old lava flows of the volcano. Beyond the park, you can relax along the Arenal lake and its numerous hot springs.
To visit the park, you will need to book online and pay $15 for adults and $5 for children.
Opening hours are from 8 am to 4 pm.

MONTEVERDE National park

Just a few steps away from the Arénal National Park is one of the other most visited parks in Costa Rica: the Monteverde Park.
This mountainous town is known for its great biodiversity. Here are the must-see things in this mythical place:
– The forest in the clouds
– Santa Elena Nature Reserve
– The butterfly garden
– Selvatura Park
Finally, located at an altitude of 1440 meters, Monteverde Park is a must on your itinerary. Here you will find a huge Terrarium with over 25 species of frogs, toads, and other amphibians. As for the other parks, remember to book your entrance beforehand!

TORTUGUERO National park

Tortuguero is a village located in the northeast of the country on the Caribbean coast, it takes
its name from the turtles that come to lay their eggs on its shores.
The village is only accessible by air or sea and you can take a boat or kayak tour in its magnificent natural park. In this wetland area of the country, you will see more than 309 species of birds, 111 species of reptiles, 57 species of amphibians, and 60 species of mammals. Tortuguero awaits you for a magnificent visit in the middle of crocodiles, turtles, and sloths for your greatest happiness.

CAHUITA National park

Finally, what better way to visit than in the south of the country, still in the Caribbean, to admire the magnificent Cahuita Park.
The park is unique for its close relationship between the community and the government for the sustainable development of the place. But what is there to conserve?
Firstly, the best-preserved coral reef in the country. Then there’s the turquoise sea and diverse marine life on beautiful white sandy beaches.
You can come and enjoy yourself every day between 6 am and 5 pm.

Visit these national parks with our campervans. Check our main page to reserve one. If you want to know more about Costa Rica National parks visit the official government website of Sinac, by clicking here.