How do you travel in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Is known for its wildlife and animal diversity. Inspire of its recent tourist development, the Costa Rican Road still have a long way to go in terms of quality. Even if the main national roads can take you to the most common tourist areas, you still need to go off road to discover the true hidden gems of this country. Travellers, adventurers and nature lovers, here are 3 new options for you.

1) Bus: This option is the cheapest one of course. It will allow you to travel to the main tourist destinations all over the country. It is most suited for long term travellers, because of the long travel hours. it is possible that it could take you up to 12 hours to travel 200 Km because of the layovers, and bus connections. Pura Vida is your friend for this kind of travel.

2) Car rentals: It will allow you to go anywhere you want in Costa Rica , access amazing locations and beaches and will offer the fastest and most independent way of travelling. Still if you want to sleep comfortably, you will need to rent hotel rooms where ever you go, so car renting is advised for a groups larger than 4 persons.

3) Camper van: This camper van rental is a new option for people travelling as couples or groups of 3 people. mixing affordability, flexibility and and convenience, it will allow you to travel all across Costa Rica, dirt roads and secret beaches, and will give you the option of sleeping comfortably anywhere you like. For the same price as a 4×4 rental, Renting a camper van will allow you to sleep in camping private parkings directly on the beach or at the foot of the volcano .

Feel the freedom, renting a camper van in Costa Rica is the best choice for a great vacation in Costa Rica.