Best time to visit Costa Rica

The first question that comes to mind when planning a 4×4 campervan trip to visit Costa Rica is “What’s the weather like?”.

4x4 rented vehicle resting on a rural road

Costa Rica’s seasons

Costa Rica is a tropical country divided into 2 seasons: the summer and the green season. Also, because of its geographical position and relief, Costa Rica is subject to micro-climates.
To understand its climate, we need to understand its geography. We can divide the country into 3 parts. The Caribbean coast and the southern part of the country, the central region with its cordillera crossing the country from north to south, and the Pacific region.
To put it simply, when it’s sunny on the Pacific coast (Guanacaste province), the weather is less sunny on the Caribbean coast, and vice versa.
As for the central region, the climate is proportional to the variations in altitude. You can have 30 degrees in Alajuela and find yourself at 10 degrees after a 2-hour drive.
As you can see, there’s no point in checking the weather on your phone, as the weather can vary from hour to hour and from kilometer to kilometer.
That’s the advantage of traveling by campervan 4×4: all you have to do is follow the good weather wherever it may be.

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Costa Rica’s microclimates

However, here are the different climates throughout the year:
– November to May: More commonly known as the high season, this time of year attracts the greatest number of travelers. Rain is rare or very limited during this season. Temperatures can peak in April and May.
– June: This month marks the start of the rainy season. It doesn’t rain every day, or only part of the day. After the heat of May, this rain is welcome and long-awaited. Not very popular with tourists, this month is beneficial for those who want to visit Costa Rica without too much tourism.
– July-August: These are 2 magnificent months, with rain falling a few hours a day, or if you’re lucky, at night. The landscapes offer a varied palette of colors, some more beautiful than others. The forests take on their brilliant greens and the rivers their celestial blues. Temperatures are pleasant; we could compare this season to spring.
– September and October: These 2 months are the rainiest of the year. In recent years, the rain has never been continuous, and we’ve had both consecutive days of rain and weeks of calm. These months are often preferred by backpackers who travel against the tide of the tourist influx at lower prices.


To sum up, each traveler will choose their season according to the season they want to experience. Each season brings its advantages and disadvantages. But whatever the weather, visit Costa Rica and its natural wonders will make you forget any issues the rain or the sun could bring.
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