What are the 5 common traps you should avoid when renting a car in Costa Rica



Before renting a car, it’s a good idea to read up on the rental policies. That way you won’t get whacked with an unexpected fine or have unrealistic ideas about what the deposit process is like. However we want to call your attention to a few wrong practises or procedures common in Costa Rica, that will make you feel as a victim of the rental company.

1) Very attractive price when reserving online that will turn out even the double once you pick up your vehicle.

The biggest car rental company will let you reserve very low prices online per day with ’insurance included ’. But once here they will let you know that not all the mandatory insurance are included (CDW and TPL) . The lower price you can find during rainy season is $40 per day for a little 4*2 vehicle and at least $50,00 for a basic 4*4.  It is sad really, that some vehicle rental agencies not only lure travellers in with impractical low prices but that they purposely do so knowing full well that travellers will need to pay more (either for one or two portions of “mandatory” insurance) than they publicly state. We see it over and over again – a vehicle rental agency advertises that mandatory insurance is included (leading travellers to believe that no additional insurance is required) when actuality only partial insurance has been .

2) Check your prices, Euros or Dollar ?

Always check if the price is shown in $ or Euros. Lots of car rental will give you the prices in Euro so they look more competitive

3) Accesories

Once again the rental company will sell you a car for a small price to than doble the price of any accesory you would like to add to your rental. E.g. Make sure that the price of the GPS they’re offering you now is the same that the one you saw online.

4) 24/7 assistance very expensive

Even if you think you have the full cover, read through all the lines of the contract. Some international car rental would charge you extra money in case of accident or even if the car broke down. Check all the terms before sign any contract to do not have any surprise.

5) Drop off

Upon picking up a rental vehicle you will be asked to walk around the vehicle (with the rental agent) in order to take note of any scratches, or dings present on the vehicle prior to you assuming responsibility for it (the agent will make a note of any reported damage on the rental agreement) . Make sure to look everywhere and make sure the agent will take note of every little details . In case you will be responsible for little scratches or damage we suggest you to fix it youself in one of the local coachbuilder, they will may charge you a little more since you’re a foreigner but it will always be less expensive than the bill the rental company will present you.

Costa Rica Campervan may advertises prices that upon first glance appear to be more expensive than other rental agencies rates. This is because we don’t have hidden fees and we quote insurance charges upfront as many other agencies choose not to do.


RIO CELESTE RIVER: Hidden within the cloud forests of Tenorio National Park, the magnificent bright blue Rio Celeste Waterfall will take your breath away.   Local legend says that the Rio Celeste’s blue is a result of God washing his paintbrushes there after colouring the sky. You can park your van at the entrance of the Park that has night guard.

LLANO DE CORTES WATERFALL: Scramble down a short, steep trail to reach this spectacular 12m-high, 15m-wide waterfall, which you’ll be able to hear as soon as you get out of the van. The falls drop into a tranquil pond with a white sandy beach that’s perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Go ‘backstage’ and relax on the rocks behind the waterfall curtain, or shower beneath the lukewarm waters.  There is a parking at the entrance of the waterfall that could be a nice place to spend the night.


CAHUITA NATIONAL PARK: Lying on Costa Rica’s stunningly beautiful Caribbean coast and facing the Atlantic Ocean, the Cahuita National Park is one of the most amazing national parks in the country. His main attraction is its underwater world, which is home to a fantastic array of marine life and the largest coral reef in Costa Rica, Tourists from all over the world flock to this national park because the fantastic snorkeling and underwater diving opportunities, as well as because of the park’s white sand palm tree lined beaches and crystal clear blue waters, which are ideal for swimming.  You’ll find divers camping around or public area where you can spend the night.

PLAYA SAMARA: A quaint little town, Samara has been called more than once “the black hole of happiness”.  The main road here leads straight into town and ends at the stunning beach where you can sunbath all day long or try al the activities this nice beach offers you. You also don’t want to miss  to discover all the wild beaches nearby (e.g. Playa Barrigona, Mel Gibson’s beach). You can find more than one camping to park your Van or a lots of secluded places to spend the night counting the stars.

VOLCAN POAS: At the beginning or at the end of your trip a visit to the Poas Vulcan is a must!  Only 45 min with your campervan from the airport, the Vulcan offers a breathtaking view of his crater and his lake.


Like any other touristic country, security in Costa Rica has become a priority.
But how is it concretely on site? Many travelling forums about Costa Rica will share their diverse experiences. The “Ticos” are well known for their kindness and great sense of hospitality, these are the main specific characteristics of them that you will notice as soon as you arrive in Costa Rica. However, being too confident sometimes make you to forget some basic rules.
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