What is Búhoguide?

Búhoguide is a collaborative platform that brings together travelers in search for unique activities and local guides from Central America who, precisely, wish to offer organize these activities. Presented to you as a user-friendly website (¡qué chiva!), it allows you, from now on, to book and pay online unusual activities. 

No inspiration?

A hole in your itinerary? Búhoguide is just for you! : Depending on your means of transportation, you can look for activities according to you pre-established itinerary or make up a customized activity with a specific topic! Our different categories (countries and activities) will help you find quickly the experience you’re interested in having. Besides, our interactive map allows you to instantly find the location of the proposed activities o adjust them to your itinerary!

A country is more than the sum of its landscapes, the principal idea is to promote human contact and bring to light the locals! In our community of “Búhoguiders”, you will find professional guides as well as passionate students and retired grandmas… Al lof this to offer you, a curious visitant in search of authenticity, an opportunity of beautiful encounters through a vast series of activities!

Why “Búhoguide”?

Why on earth did we pick the owl as a mascot to represent our philosophy? 
Among the various symbologies the owl has had in many civilizations, there are two that we specially like: the owl, for its capacity to see in the dark, represents the ability to see what others can’t, like those who see more than masks and appearances! Besides, the owl is associated with an essential traveler trait: curiosity for the unknown! 

Still not seeing the connection?

Well, our objective is that the visitors of Central America can beyond the pre-established paths to the famous touristic sites and, thanks to the local guides, can get to the cultural heart of the country that welcomes them. This, promoting the authenticity of the proposed acivities and the richness of the cultural exchanges!

The 3 required apps for a successful trip


Ioverlander is a data base that gathers all the campsites (informal, official or wild) all over the world. All the activities, the restaurants, the garages, the petrol stations, where you can find water and a lot more are made as an inventory in this app. For each place, the app gives the GPS position, pictures, opinions and all the information about that place. Not only can you find pretty spots, but you can also add new ones, save your journey, share it with friends or other travelers. And the icing on the cake: once downloaded, this app can be used offline.

Map Costa Rider Campervan:

In the “Map” tab on our website, we have created an interactive map allowing oneself to plan his trip according to his desire. Thanks to its 11 options (surfing, activities, national parks, caves…), you’ll be able to build your own holiday program. By clicking on each point, you’ll obtain all the information about that place.


Waze is an GPS navigation app, which has the particularity of being based on a map that is editable by its users. Navigation is live and takes into account the traffic state. This is a must-have tool in Costa Rica to get a precise estimation for your ride in real time. This app is to be only used online.

Pura Vida from Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a natural marvel, with many volcanoes, natural parks, countless species of animals and a lot more!
There is a phrase which sums up this country and its natural lifestyle: PURA VIDA!!

You will hear that expression a lot, in different circumstances:

To say “Hey” or “Bye”, to thank oneself, after a good meal, when you ask somebody how he is doing, or how his day has been…etc.
“Pura Vida” sums up the lifestyle and the mind of the “Ticos” (Costa Rica’s inhabitants). It basically means that life is good, that it runs its course, that everything is going well. A mix of happiness and nonchalance that proves that living in this marvelous country, even for a few weeks of vacation, leaves no place for any worries or headaches. Just chill out and relax!

Pura Vida should actually be the keyword for all your holidays. And for Costa Rican holidays , Costa Rider Campervan allows you to perfectly understand what it means. Indeed, with our campervans, there is no stress to have regarding the hotels’ locations, no “oh we absolutely have to be in that city before the night to sleep there”, you can stop wherever you want for 1 hour, a night, a day, just act in accordance with your yen: That is Costa Rica Pura Vida!

That is the same for the meals: if you’re crossing an area where there is no restaurants, just stop beside a lovely river, or on a beach, and prepare your own meal, without any stress. This time saved, and that energy that will not be consumed into stress, you will be able to use it in a better way: hiking, surfing, going out to see animals, meeting some Ticos…
Everything will be fine, it’s Pura Vida in Costa Rica!

Our campervan fits all your travel needs

After spending hours dreaming and working on your trip to Costa Rica, you may ask yourself if the campervan will be the appropriate vehicle for the trip of a lifetime!
Every kind of information can be found on the Net, it’s hard to sort out this mass of information. Is a 4×4 absolutely required? Is camping dangerous? Will we be able to go everywhere in the country? Will we suffer from the heat?

This article aims at answering all your interrogations.
The vehicles we use is the Hyundai H1 minibus. Very common in Costa Rica because of their reliability and their comfort, they are frequently used as school buses, as they can hold up to 12 people.
On the contrary to the classic bus which can’t go anywhere because of its big size, the minibus is able to weave in and out every steep path safely. Its flexibility and sturdiness allows it to adapt itself to every kind of road that you’ll face in Costa Rica, even during the wet season. Its Turbo Diesel engine allows it to face every steep slope calmly, and guarantees a low fuel consumption.

The modifications that we make to the van make it less heavy, which increases its power and makes its fuel consumption even lower. Moreover, we equip our vans with 8-ply tires for a better resistance and a better adhesion to the road, even on the chaotic tracks.

Our campervans have crossed the country on every road for 4 years now. They have proven themselves by crossing Corcovado’s rivers, climbing Monteverde’s mountain tracks, and being driven on the sand of Guanacaste’s beaches.
The fact that it is very popular on the Costa Rican market is a good quality guarantee for our vehicles. With family or friends, Costa Ricans are often the first ones to load the cooler and the tent and go for a camping weekend on the beach. With family or friends, Costa Ricans are often the first ones to load the cooler and the tent and go for a camping weekend on the beach.

With our campervans, you will for sure arouse people’s curiosity and sympathy from all the “Ticos” (inhabitants of Costa Rica) you’ll meet. In order to provide you the safest experience, we chose an indoor bedding. Moreover, we equipped our vans with a safety box, which is fixed on the chassis, so that you can put all your personal effects.
Thanks to its fan, and cooling system, it’s impossible that you suffer from heat. Moreover, its flexibility will allow you to park under a tree’s shade or in the front row on the beach, to enjoy the sea breeze.

Despite the fact that Costa Rica is a safe country and a country that tries to provide as much wellness as it can for the tourists, it happens that some ill-intentioned people decide to target the tourist’s cars. With our vans, you won’t be affected because they are mainly used by the Ticos. The mainly targeted vehicles are the suzuki Jimny and the Daihatsu Beguo, because they are known to be highly rented by tourists.

Our 4-years’ experience has confirmed that the campervan is a safe mean of transport and that it brings a lot of human meetings. But let’s keep in mind the biggest advantage: FREEDOM. Freedom to move wherever you want, freedom to park in places, each as stunning as the next, freedom to build your own trip, without any concern.

All-inclusive Costa Rica with your Campervan!

With your Campervan, make the most of Costa Rica, for the same price of a 4×4, but in an all-inclusive package!

For less than 100$ per day, get not only a transport, which means complete freedom of movement, without any constraints due to the bus timetable or due to where it would pick you up, but get also a place to live and to sleep during all your stay in Costa Rica.

Once Again, it will allow you to be free to stop and to park the Campervan wherever you want, without having to look for hotels or campsites for the night (you can stop in every parking lot for the night in Costa Rica: Pura Vida!). Everything is included for this price: the Campervan with all its outfitting for the everyday life: all the crockery, the portable stove given with several gas bottles and a shower system. The two mandatory insurances to be able to drive in Costa Rica are also included.

Last but not least, Costa Rider Campervan provides a full assistance 24/7 in case of any problem, a map of Costa Rica and a guide explaining in detail the best places and activities you have to go and to experiment in the country!
Now, it’s your job to make the most of this amazing country, of its volcanoes, and of the Pura Vida with your Campervan!