5 reasons to travel by Camper van and 4X4 in Costa Rica

As our first article, we want to share with you five advantages of traveling around Costa Rica by camper van and 4×4. We hope you enjoy the reading.

#1: Freedom of travel and accommodation

With a camper, finished planning your trip in advance, you will be guided throughout your desires and your heart strokes. More surprises, if a place is not for you, just move your mobile home for new horizons. Costa Rica is full of coves and secret beaches or extended green, don’t need to choose a few of them, everything is allowed in the camper.

#2: Sleeping in the most beautiful places

The advantage in Costa Rica is that it is possible to sleep in many public areas, beachfront or near national parks. Feet in the sand or 2 steps of a volcano you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset from your camper van. Do not look for the best view, you’ll be first in line to enjoy the beauty of Costa Rican Nature.


#3: Save time and money

The camper van and 4×4 is an economic solution combining transportation that can roam the roads of Costa Rica and a housing composed of a fitted kitchen, a living room, a cozy bed and a shower. A 2 in 1 at a lower cost. For the same price as hiring 4 * 4 classic, bring your home with you anywhere!

#4: Being closer to the population

Nature lovers, the Costa Rican promote camping trips in their family. Travelling by camper is a way to share their way of life and to be closer to the people so welcoming.

#5: Add adventure to your trip

Cross rivers, discover pristine places, flirting with exotic animals give a flavor of adventure to your getaway. When traveling by RV will turn your trip into an unforgettable experience.

Costa Rider Camper Van, Costa Rica.

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