Costa Rica Map

In Costa Rider Campervan we want your experience on Costa Rica to be the best, that is why we took the time to prepare for you this map of Central American nation that includes from the best points to visit on the country from convenience stores as gas stations and pharmacies.
Costa Rica have many attractions but a few of them are hard to access, because of this we added “Important towns”, cities or towns where you can ask for guidance about how to reach that natural spots which worth a visit.
Also mechanical workshops will be added to the map soon which will be helpful in the case you have an emergency with your car on the road.
Enjoy the map, from those who love nature to those who enjoy a good adventure trip, both will find the right spot for them on our map.

For your better understanding we are going to share with you what every icon on the map does.

  This button zoom in the map.


  This button zoom out the map.


  This button will open a search field for looking a specific place or town inside Costa Rica.


  This button will close or open the marker categories.


  This button set the map in fullscreen mode, which is VERY RECOMMENDED if you are browsing our site in your smartphone or tablet.